Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday Five

This week has been a stressful and busy week. So, to try to brighten my long day, I will take time to reflect on five things that make me happy this week.

1. I get to go home this weekend. (these are my favorite weekends) I'll get to see Chris, my puppies, my house, and the rest of my family. This also starts my birthday celebrations. My birthday is April 30 and since I will be stuck in the library at that time, my family is gettings things started a week early :)

2. My friendship with my sister. Growing up, we didn't always get along. In high school, things changed. We became best friends. We have had a few moments since there where we didn't exactly see eye to eye, but I love my sister! We are super close and talk several times a week. She's a busy mom with two kiddos and another on the way and still makes time for me :)

3. The semester is almost over. Next week is the last week of class and then two weeks of finals, then I will be home for the summer (my last summer as a legal secretary)

4. Getting married is no longer just a far away dream. My mother and I have started gathering information on wedding ideas. We have talked to a few different locations for the ceremony and reception. For us, getting everything that we want is more important than a particular date, so we are trying to get everything lined up early. I'll start tours and meetings with people when I get home for the summer.

5. Fantastic giveaways from fellow bloggers. My friend Mallory is hosting a great giveaway this week. Go check is out at A Day in the Life of a Newlywed. I'm entered to win and you could be too!!!

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  1. Congrats on starting to plan your wedding. I'm in the middle of planning it and it's so fun!