Monday, April 12, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty low key for me. Most of my weekends between now and the end of the semester will be that way too as I prepare for finals. I will have one exception in two weekends when I will head home to see the completely (hopefully) house and celebrate my upcoming birthday.

Friday was a busy day. I had class in the morning and then went to work from 11:30 to 5:00. I was meeting a friend for dinner after work. I tried to get out at five, but was finishing a project and didn't leave til about 5:15. Then with Columbia traffic (which I hate by the way) and an accident on the way, I didn't arrive at dinner until 5:45. We ate at the Cracker Barrel and it was fantastic. It was nice to visit with Sara.

After dinner we went to the mall. Sara had to pick up some shoes and bought a cute new outfit. I wanted to take one of my bracelets to get repaired. On our second anniversary Chris had bought me two bracelets from Kay Jewelers. Upon my surprise, I was told they actually only signed up Chris for the care plan on one of the bracelets (of course, not the one that was broke). I got angry and they blamed it on Chris and said he chose not to buy it on the other one. Who does this? NO ONE!!!! In trying to make it better, she told me that I did have anothe bracelet that was more expensive. How that fixed the problem, I have NO idea. I refused to get it fixed there. I will take it home to Southern Hills to get it fixed. I'd rather give business to my hometown. Plus this is where all my other jewely has came from, including my engagement ring.

After the mall, I went to Lowes and bought a mailbox for our house. This was my most exciting thing this weekend.

Saturday was low key. I spent most of my day in the house outlining. I did take one break to do a little shopping. I actaully found clothes that fit (which for me doesn't happen a lot). I got real excited and bought 11 new shirts. The great thing is I didn't spend over $45. All of the stuff was clearanced price at 3-4 dollars. It was awesome. Too bad I didn't find any new pants. It was beautiful out and all I wanted to do was be outside, but I was trying to stay focused.

Sunday was another beautiful day. One of my favorite things about this weather is having the windows open. I love the smell of spring and I love the warm breeze coming through the house. I spent most Sunday outlining. I got completely caught up with 3 of 5 classes. The other two will happen this weekend. Then to reward myself, Sara and Claudia came over. We had  BBQ of pork chops, corn, baked potatoes, salad and bread. It was yummy. We watched the Cardinals game too. It wasn't our greeatest game, but we almost came back to win it.

Today is the home opener for the Cards. I wish that I could have watched, but I was stuck in the library getting ready for tomorrow's classes.

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  1. 11 shirts for $45? You did AWESOME! Love your mailbox too...we need a newer one...Thanks for the business at Dad's :) Hopefully he can fix it!