Sunday, April 25, 2010

Get to Know You Sunday

I just got back into town from a wonderful weekend. I will post all about it tomorrow. For now, I will play along with Mann Land 5 on Get to Know You Sunday.

1. If you could star in any movie genre..what would it be..romance..horror..comedy..suspense or action? I think I would star in a comedy. Hopefully it was funny enough to make me laugh everyday

2. Do you recycle? You bet at school and at the house. I try to be good for the planet

3. Have you ever been to a strip club? Nope, and probably never will

4. Do you have a nickname? Dad calls me Linnie Shell, Stac (the sister) calls me Lynz, Mom calls me Tumblebug.

5. What's a name you can't stand to be called? A little graphic but I hate the word cunt

6. What are your Summer staples? Old Navy flip flops, cropped dress pants and open toe shoes for work

7. What was the last thing you bought for yourself? A mailbox (I know, exciting)

8. Are you happy with your boob size? Most of the time yes. There are days that I wish they were bigger (especially when shopping) but I'm pretty content and I wouldn't pay to make them bigger

Hope that you all had a fantastic weekend. Go play along and link up.

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