Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday Five

I really enjoy fun little postings that ask for top 2 whatever, or ask questions that I can answer. It allows me to think about my life and gives you more interesting reading than hearing about how I can outline (trust me, that is not exciting). Today on Mann Land 5, she hosts a "Thursday Five" to talk about five things that make you happy for the week. There are a lot of things in my life that make me happy, so I guess I will share a few.

1. Our kitchen cabinets are in Springfield and will be delivered to the house tomorrow. (I'll be even more happy next week when they are installed)

2. The weather all week has been amazing. Although I do not get t enjoy it as much as I would like, I still know that the sun is shinng and it smells like spring when I get to go back outside.

3. Three of my outlines are caught up and hopefully the other two will be done over the weekend.

4. Chris's mom called me this morning just to see how I was doing. It makes me feel really great to know someone was thinking about me

5. Glee has returned this week. I know, silly, but I love that show and it makes me very excited that it has returned for the season.

Hope that this Thursday is treating you all well. Only one day left til the weekend!!!

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  1. I am on a Thursday 5 run and your list is great. I love remodeling and hope yours goes smoothly.