Saturday, April 10, 2010

Airing Frustrations

This past week, with Chris working on the house every evening, I have been getting an increased number of phone calls asking where Chris is and why he isn't answering his phone. Today has been the worst. His mother is in town for the weekend and there was a birthday party at his brother's house at 2.

All morning, I fielded phone calls wondering why he wasn't answering, asking if he was going to the party and for me to tell Chris to call. Ok, well, generally, I do know what he is doing, like today, he was on the tractor all day. However, I will say that if he didn't answer someone else's phone call, he probably isn't going to answer mine either. When he doesn't answer, it typically means that he is busy or cannot hear his phone. Plus right now, I am 200 miles away from him. It isn't like I can run out into the field and get him on the phone.

Secondly, he is working really hard on the house and I would prefer people not bother him so much. I know that he needs to visit his mother and he is right now, but we also have to get the house ready in the next two weeks. Chris will be moving out of his apartment next week, moving his stuff into the house and staying with his grandma/my mom during the last week the of house work. He was doing what he needs to do right now. I just wish that people could understand how hard that we have been working on that house and leave him be to continue working.

Lastly, I told everyone all week that I was going to be working on my outlines this weekend. Finals start in less than a month and I am working hard to get ready for it. I do not need my phone going off every 30 minutes wondering if I have heard from Chris.

Don't get me wrong, I love my family and I love Chris's family, but right now, I wish that we could be left alone for Chris to work on the house and me to outline.

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  1. I hear ya! Our problem when we lived in Jackson (where Kody's from) he was constantly getting phone calls to "come help me" aka, whatever family member/friend needed something. It got so irritating because we'd be in the middle of something and POOF he'd be gone. AH!!!