Monday, April 19, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend was pretty low key for me again. Finals time does that.

Friday I went to class and then went to work. After I got off at 5:00, I came home to finish my grocery list. I wanted to get my shopping done on Friday so I didn't have to leave my house Saturday and Sunday. I made it back just in time for the Card's game to start. This weekend, we were in a series with the Mets. I crashed after the game.

Saturday, I got up early (had to get Chris up) and got started right away working on my Sales and Leases outline. I find this to be my most difficult course. It frustrates me a lot. I wouldn't have even taken the course had it not be a subject tested on the bar. I took a small break (or what I thought was going to be a small break) to watch the Cards game. It started at three. I was doing some light housecleaning and reading during the game. The game ended up lasting 20 innings and almost 7 hours. It was craziness. I can't even imagine how exhausting that was for the players.

Chris got al of his stuff moved out of his apartment on Saturday. He will be staying with his grandmother this week. He wanted to get out of his apartment early so get the most back of his April rent. He was a busy little bee. He also painted our kitchen. I hear it looks awesome. Mom took a picture before they painted (showing the mud covering the wallpaper and the texturing)

I am so excited. The only downfall right now is the mess that I will have to start working on this weekend while I am home. Since a couple of the spare bedrooms are used for storage and one being renovated and the kitchen being worked on, Chris has put his stuff all over the house. His tools are in the master bedroom (great) and other things in the family room. Mom sent me a picture showing me the family room:

What a way to spend my birthday weekend, huh. Not only do I have to get this organized, it all has to be cleaned. Everything in the house has a nice layer of dust on it.

Sunday I had to take a trip to Harbor Frieght for my dad. He buys the boys at work cheap tools since they break/lose them. Harbor sends dad coupons and he then mails them to me. (I wish that I knew how to get him off that mailing list). Oh well, only one year left to worry with those trips. I returned home before 10 and resumed outlining. I know, what a life.

Maggie came over Sunday evening for dinner and to watch the last game in the series. I love this weather and being able to bbq. It's one of my favorite things about sumer.

One last update for you. My mother also sent a new picture of Dozer. He is growing so much. He is almost the same size as my mom's beagle. I can't wait to see him this weekend.

I'm hoping that this week goes by fast. Friday will be my last trip home for the semester. I need the break already. Hope you all have a wonderful week.

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