Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Recap

It has been a really busy weekend.

Friday morning, I went to class like normal. Then around noon, I headed into work. That afternoon, we had a minor crisis and I ended up taking a fellow employee to the ER. She was having an attack of some short - not sure what was going on. The ER was full of people from the jail. Why there were so many inmates coming in at once, I will never know. We were there for 2 hours with no one seeing us or bother to see if Claudia was okay. Not to happy about that. They have recently spent so much money re-doing the hospital and then for people to not get in. After waiting with no response, Claudia decided that since the attack was over, she would just leave and go see a regular doctor this upcoming week. It will be cheaper and hopefully they can explain things for her.

After work, I met up with Sara and Maggie. We headed to dinner at Hu Hot (love that place). Our waiter was stupid but the food never disappoints. We then headed up to Mizzou Arena for the Jason Aldean concert. I was so excited about the night. The concert was amazing. He brought along the Jane Deere girls (not their biggest fan) and Eric Church (he was wonderful too). Jason put on a good show and rocked all night. He barely took a break between songs. It was just a great night. I got home around 11 and crashed shortly thereafter. But here are a few pictures of the night.

Saturday was a productive day. I was up around 6:30 am. I showered and started some readings for school. Maggie had crashed at my house the night before. We got around and left the house just before 10. We got breakfast and heading on to our errands. It was a productive 4 hours, getting us back to my house around 2. I finally determined where I am going to register: Kohls, Wal-Mart (for our more local guests) and Time and Talent (a local store with amazing home items). I am happy that the decision is made. Now, just to find time to actually register. I think that I will be doing that two weekends from now. Maggie and I lounged around the house for a bit. We then got ready for our work Holiday party (yes, on the last weekend of January). This year, the party was at Galactic Fun Zone, a little arcade, bowling alley and laser tag rolled into one. It was pretty neat in there. We ate dinner (too bad it was gross) and then played a little bowling. The laser tag looked fun, but there were people taking it way too seriously, so I voted no to that. I got home around 8. I took the opportunity to curl up in bed and read a book before going to bed. Here are a couple of pictures from this night:

Just the ladies

And again

Loved these tables

Work department

Today I have been at the house most of the day. I got up early and did my grocery shopping. The grocery stores are so much easier to get through early in the morning. I have been doing some cleaning and studying throughout the day as well. I also did made a pretty significant purchase today too. One of the things I looked at when determining where to register was bedding and bath stuff that I liked. There was one set yesterday that I fell in love with. Chris has no opinion on anything house related and leaves me full rein on decoration (isn't he amazing). The thing was that the set I fell in love with was at Macys. I considered doing a registry there, but they are more expensive than everywhere else and it wasn't that important to me. After talking to Chris and my mom, I decided to just go buy the bedding set that I loved and would leave my registries alone. The set is beautiful. It is a $400 set that I purchased for $140. It came with 24 peices including the decorative pillows, curtains, and all accesories. The reviews were great, so I just got it. Here this beauty is:

Aww, so in love!! I cannot wait for us to get our new bed and get the master bedroom set up. Now to decide what color to paint the walls.

Did I ever mention how wonderful Christopher is. Last weekend, I went to my parents to trade my car for a 4 wheel drive pickup (good thing I did, we are forecasted to get 12-18 inches Monday and Tuesday). Christopher took my car yesterday and wash it. He also vacuumed out the inside and cleaned my wheels. He even apologized to me this morning that he didn't get to Armor All the inside since it was dark when he got back. And today, he has been helping my dad out by building a cover for the generator. I feel so blessed for the relatiohship my parents and Chris have. Not everyone gets that with their spouse and parents.

Well, I better get off here and finish getting ready for the day tomorrow. We are predicted to get some icy conditions tomorrow turning to snow tomorrow night. Not excited about going through this again. I just keep looking forward to next weekend when i get to go pick up my wedding dress!!!!

Hope that you all have a great week!

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  1. Love, love, LOVE your bedding! My suggestions for colors...that light blue like the current room is painted, a real pale yellow (I think the colors on the bedding would really pop!), or that gray in the bedding is soooo IN right now. I would so paint a room that color if I could, just don't have anything that matches!