Monday, January 24, 2011

Say what?!?!?

So, it has been brought to my attention that, off and on, over the past 7 years Chris and I have been dating, someone has been telling Christopher to leave me because I didn't treat him very well. Now, I have been stewing on this for a couple of day, because at first, I really had no idea what to think. Now, I promised Christopher that I wouldn't say anything to the person. We are trying to reduce drama in our lives, plus as Chris says it, it didn't make any difference becuase he didn't listen to it and didn't care what that person thought.

But I'm just confused as to where these allegations of me not treating him well comes from. I mean, don't get me wrong, things haven't always been love and bliss, but dude, this person doesn't know hardly anything about our relationship becuase we don't talk to them. Yeah, maybe you saw a figth or two, but really you know nothing. If you did, you would know that although Chris and I both have explosive tempers (Chris more so than me) you know that doesn't mean we don't love each other. Relationship experts say that having explosive and passionates fights are okay as long as you are both passionate fighters. It becomes an issue when your fighting styles do not match. People who fight passionately also love passionately, balancing it all out.

Anywho, back to me. So, really, not to brag on myself, but I have always considered myself a pretty decent girlfriend, fiance, etc. I do have tendencies to nag at times, but most of the time, it has to do with things that need to be done. I enjoy being right and sometimes will rub that in your face. I do have tendencies to be a little bitchy, but most of the time, those are deserved. I am honest and wear my heart on my sleeves, if you do something wrong, I am likely to tell you about it. But I don't think any of those make me terrible or equal me treating someone terribly. I am supportative of any dream that Chris has ever had. We have both made sacrifices for each other and are happy with where we are in life. I take care of all the finances. Chris handed me the checkbook in 2006, knowing that I was more organized. Since I have taken over, there has never been a late payment. I make sure that he is kept on budget with every paycheck.When I am home, I do 90% of the cooking, laundry and cleaning. I never force Chris to help. He volunteers on his own. I am Chris's morning alarm clock. I make sure that he gets out of bed every single night. I have been dutiful and accompanied him to all family functions, even some where I didn't want to. I always put on a happy face and did my part. Our house has always been welcome to all family and friends. I cook and pick up after everyone in the house as well.

So, would you please tell me where you get off saying that I don't treat Chris well? We have a system that works for us. We have been in love and making our relationship work for the past 7 years, so take that. I am who I am. Chris loves and respects the person that I am. I love and respect the person that he is as well. We are happy and are getting married in 8 months from today. If you don't like us together, then I would appreciate it if you would not come around me anymore.

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  1. Seriously? Who would say that?! You are too good to him I bet!