Saturday, January 15, 2011

School has officially started . . .

Well, it is now Saturday. I started class on Thursday. One class was cancelled but I had my first class that afternoon. Then I had 2 classes on Friday. Here are my thoughts so far:

Business Organizations - I took it because it is a bar course (meaning it is on the bar exam) and also becuase my family owns several businesses. I wanted to be able to know what was going on. Plus creating businesses isn't hard and I figured knowing how to do that would be good business. I was a little terrified about taking the class with Royce. He taught my contracts class during my 1L year. The experience wasn't that great. I had heard that he was better in upper level courses and so far, so good. I know a little bit more of what to expect from him. So, hopefully the semester will go fine. I'm on class for Wednesday, so we shall see.

Negotiation - So far, I love this class. Negotiation is such an essential part of my practice. We get to do exercises every week to help build skills and then reflect in journals. There is no final for the course. We started class on Friday with an exercise and it was fun. The class is small enough that we will get to know each other. I'm pretty excited about the rest of the class.

Employment Discrimination - This is an area of the law that isn't widely practiced in my hometown, so SP (my boss) recommended that I take this class. I took employment law during my 2L year and enjoyed the subject matter. I'm not sure what the think of the professor. The professor that I signed up with has now left for maternity leave and we have a different teacher. I guess we shall see how it goes. We didn't really do anything in the first day except talk about the civil rights movement. We then spent 20 minutes of class watching the "I have a Dream" speech. I know that was a part of our history and Monday is a day in celebration of MLK, but I am not sure why we spent 20 minutes of class watching that. I have read the speech many times, and have seen the video clip numerous times as well. I spend $10,000 a semester on law school and would prefer to leave this type of stuff in an undergrad class. I signed up for employment discrimination, not history. I hope we get back to the subject matter next week.

Other classes that I am taking are corporate tax and law practice management. I'll let you know how those go when I go back to school. I am currently out of class until Wednesday. Monday school is closed since it is a holiday and then I don't ever have class on Tuesdays.

I guess it is time to get back to the laundry.

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