Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday to Dozer!!!

Yes, we are strange to celebrate our puppies birthdays, but that is us, we love our puppies. Kit Kat is the only puppy that we have that is papered, so we know for sure when her birthday. Now, Dozer and Boots were dumped at our house. We were given estimates on their ages from the vet and then I picked a birthday for each of the boys.

Today, we celebrate Dozer's first birthday. Now, I am sad that I couldn't be there with him to celebrate. I'm sure that he got plently of attention from my mom though. She was off work and spent all day at the house with him. But trust me, next year, we will plan a birthday party for you.

It is hard to believe that it was about a year ago when we first found you. I remember that weekend well. My dad was worried about me being on the road because there was bad weather coming. I was getting ready to leave on Sunday. Chris and I were heading up to our house to look at something. Chris spotted  you running across the road and up into the field. You were so tiny. You ran from us going through a fence and up a hill. We finished what we needed to do and rushed back to my moms. Chris and I trecked through the woods for 45 minutes looking for you, knowing you didn't go far becuase you were so small. We were about to give up hope and head to the house becuase it was starting to snow when I spotted you huddled under a fallen limb. You were shivering and I think you had picked a place where you thought you would die. I carried you back to the house, talking to you. I guess you never forgot that voice because you never forgot who mommy was, despite the fact that I left 15 minutes after bringing you back to the house.

You have captured the heart of all of us. You also love going with Daddy. You ride 4wheelers, running through the field, riding in the truck, and just playing. Dad is always soft to you, sneaking you treats and giving you table scraps. You love playing with Pa - going to work with him, gathering wood, working in the shop. You also appreciate the lazy dad at home with Ma. You love to go all the time. You get mad when you are stuck at the house. You love to play outside. You love playing with Boots and Kit Kat. You have an attitude of a dog 10 times your size. You are extremely jealous when someone else is getting attention. You love to cuddle mommy in bed. You are precious and I love you so much. People often laugh at my relationship with you, making comments about what I will be like when we have real kids. But for now, you are my baby.

Here are a few pictures of you over the past year.

Mommy is looking forward to moving home and seeing you every day. Happy birthday lil' man!

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