Thursday, May 13, 2010

What's been going on

I have been pretty neglectful in my blogging recently, but I finally have a break now.

2L year is officially finished. I took my last final this morning. Last week, I survived through three finals. This week, there were two. I was done today at 11:30. I was so relieved. Though I am exhausted. The past two nights, we have had terrible storms and didn't sleep so well. Last night, we even had hail. It was terrible. Tonight will be much better. I will be so anxious to get home tomorrow that I will be up probaly every hour tonight.

The bags are pack. I am about to go load up the car. I plan on leaving early, early in the morning. We have tons to do tomorrow. I have a list going. Several errands and several appointments. Then I have to start working on the house. Chris's mom will be in on Saturday and she will be in town for a week. I'm anxious to see her and Tyler. He is my favorite 5 year old.

Things have been busy down at the house. The contractor is done. We have a little more painting to do, but that can be done throughout the summer. I have a lot of stuff to organize too. Chris didn't care about unpacking pots, pans or baking dishes.

This week, we have have been having fence work done. About a week ago, my dad bought 20 head of cattle. They are awesome and are adjusting to us pretty well. I cannot wait to see all of them. Once our field has better fence, we will be getting some more.

Things are moving right along. I'm just anxious to get home and have a busy and wonderful summer. I promise that I am back and will be posting more often now.

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  1. Glad you are back! Have a safe trip home. Update us on how your house is looking!