Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting to Know You

I decided to take a small break from the Bankruptcy Code to write a little post. Sunday is usually when I participate in "Getting to Know You", but since tomorrow is Mother's Day, I figured I would write a litte about my mom tomorrow.

Thanks to MannLand5 for hosting these fun topics.

1. What has been your most memorable Mother's Day? (with your mom, as a mom, or with your wife) Since I am not a mother nor a wife, my best mother's days are with my own mother. I don't have any particular one that sticks out. But before I left for college, I always spent the day with my mother on mother's day. We would do whatever she wanted to do (which typically meant planting a flower garden). I got up and cooked breakfast and even made dinner that night for her. Sadly, the past few years, I haven't even got to see my mother on mother's day. It has been right smack in the middle of finals time. To my entire family, school is more important than coming home for a weekend, so I have to wait to celebrate with my mother this year til Friday when I can actually go home

2. Have you ever been pulled over for speeding and were you able to talk your way out of it? I have been pulled over three times and got tickets twice. I never tried talking my way out of it and I never tried the whole crying bit. However, my second ticket, I think that I got for arguing with the highway patrolman (probably not the best idea). Luckily for me, none of my tickets are on my driving record, which is just one of the many perks of working for an attorney :)

3. What's the oldest thing you have hanging in your closet? At my closet at my parent's house, there would be a china plate that is about 50 years old. Nothing clothes wise is over a couple of years old. I'm pretty good about getting rid of the old and things that I do not wear anymore. I have a couple pairs of tennis shoes that I've had since junior high but that's about it

4. Do you whiten your teeth? I use whitening toothpaste and mouthwash. I haven't had time to get professional whitening in a while. Maybe I should do that this summer (the to-do list is getting so big)

5. Underwear or Panties..What do you call your "unmentionables"? I typically use a merged version of the two and say undies

6. If you could go on vacation right would you go? I would take anywhere right now. Just an hour away from the town with the law school would be fantastic for me. Finals are a real drag and I'm so ready for Thursday to be here and over with

7. Do you get offended when people cuss on their blogs? Nah, if you have ever met my father or my hubby-to-be, you would understand. Both of them cuss like there is no tomorrow, so I'm pretty used to hearing it all the time. There are certain words that offend me, but cussing in general, I'm immune to

8. If you had to give up one luxury item, it would be....? My mother's housekeeper cleaning my room. I can change the sheets on my bed, dust and vacuum. I do them for myself while in Columbia, but it is no nice to have that done for me at my mother's
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  1. I'm glad you are hanging in there! Keep your head up, you are almost done!!!!!!