Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!!

This will be a tribute to my wonderful mother, Joyce Ann Gabel!

My mother was the loudest person at ball games (with the exception of Cindy Tyree. Ashley, if you read this, I love your mom!!!) and I swore since she was so embarrassing to me that I would never be that way. Looking back on it, it wasn't so bad and I imagine that I will be worse with my children when we have children

My mother was extremely overprotective of me, the youngest child. She wanted to know where I was all the time, where I was going, who I was going with and if someone's parents would be there. She would go as far to call the other person's parents to ensure supervision whereever I was. I understand that now she was just trying to look out for me. Although I am only 23, times have changed, and I will probably be worse with my own children. You can't trust anyone anymore.

My mother is extremely supportative for my education dreams. She took me on every tour of Mizzou there was, attended summer welcome with me, came up to move me in the dorms back in 2005 and stayed through fall welcome. She still calls to check on me after every test to see how it went. She listens when I complain about classes and listens when I talk about my classes when now, most of it she doens't understand.

She listens to me complain about everything. She tells me when I'm wrong. She tells me when I'm overreacting. She tries to keep me grounded when I get a little bent out of shape. I take things way too seriously and she has been there through it all to calm me down.

She has become one of my best friends. I talk to her at least 2 times a day, sometimes even more. I can talk to her about anything and we usually do talk about everything. I cannot imagine not being able to talk to her.

She has always gotten excited about me coming home for visits. She tries to make sure that my visits are focused on me. She buys all the foods like I like and plans things for me.

She has been amazing during this whole house deal. She has been up working on the house more than anyone. She tries to keep the contractor in line. She has painted walls, scrubbed vanities, cleaned everything, picks up items needed. She paid for my beautiful kitchen remodel and I am so thankful she has been there. She keeps me updated through calls and photos. I can't imagine her not being there while I tried to be apart of the remodel 200 miles away.

She is as excited to plan my wedding as I am. We have talked more lately about it. She has already been making appointments to visit places and people when I get home for the summer. She has made several calls just getting information. In doing so, she appreaciates my OCD tendencies and has started a notebook with all her notes and phone numbers and papers collected. I am so excited to get home so we can get started on the wedding stuff. I'm sure next year while I am away at school, she will continue to do good with keeping me up to speed on what is going on in Howell County and ensure things get done that need to get done while I am away.

She has taken Christopher in like her own son and I love it!!! They get along so well. They joke with each other. They help each other out with anything that needs to be done. At work, mom fixes his lunch. They often have dinner together. Mom showed Chris how to use his new washng machine. For a gal, it is so nice when the family and the hubby-to-be gets along so well.

She has taken care of my little Dozer. She is his mother while his momma is away. She cares for him during the day. She takes him to work with her. She plays with him. She takes naps with him. He sleeps in her bed. Dozer loves my mom and I'm thankful he has my mother and father to stay with til I get home.

Lastly (on here, but not of all the reasons that I love my mom) she has been a fantastic nannie to all of her grandchildren. She loves them more than anything and spoils them all like crazy. I cannot wait until I have my own children so I can have the joy of watching her with my own. My children will love her and will spend lots of time with nannie since she is our neighbor.

I love you mom and hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day. In two years, law school finals will not be taking over my life and I will be able to spend Mother's Day with you in person!! I can't wait to see you Friday!


  1. What a great post, you have a great mom!!

  2. Haha! Yes, our Mama's were pretty loud at ballgames. It hasnt changed a bit either, Kate is now playing on a traveling summer team and the school team and she is just as LOUD as she was during our younger days! haha!