Sunday, May 2, 2010

Get to Know You Sunday

I cannot believe that it is always Sunday. Sunday means the end of the weekend. Although I still have all of Sunday left, it still is a bummer to realize that it is Sunday. With Sunday, it means it is time for "Getting to Know You". Head over to Mann Land 5 to play along. Don't forget to link up!

1. Are you superstitious? Not really. I have a couple of little quirks, but I wouldn't consider myself superstitious

2. If you were an animal..what kind would you be? Probably a good family dog. I would love to still have a family but with someone who lives out in the country so I could still enjoy the outdoors

3. You would never catch me wearing.........? A belly shirt. I am totally grossed out by people showing their bellies and would not ever wear anything like that

4. If someone posts a you watch it? If I have time, I will go ahead of watch it. But a lot of times that I have seen it, I am in the law library and cannot listen to them. Then I always forget to go back and do it

5. Have you ever waxed your girlie/manly parts..or any other part of your body? I've waxed my legs and m eyebrows.

6. Are you a spender or a saver? I am definately a saver. I am so fruggle with my money. There are times that I even need to be talked into buying something that is really needed. But I have put Chris and I each on budgets and we are trying to save our money

7. If you were starring in a movie..who would you want to play your leading man/woman? Matthew McConaughey for sure :)

8. Smoker..never smoker..or smoked back in the day? I have never smoked and I doubt that I ever will. Both my parents and Christopher smokes and I hate it. I hate being around it and just will never do it


  1. It was nice "Getting to know you"

    I'm your newest follower :)

  2. lots of people said Matthew, maybe I should change my opinion

  3. Matthew is yummy! Belly shirts are nasty. Maybe back in the day I wore them but that was the style but I grew up! lol!