Monday, May 3, 2010

Birthday Weekend - Part 2 - The Good Part

So, my entire birthday wasn't all bad. I did have an emotional breakdown when I got home from work (luckily my manager was able to bring me home too). I had a good cry for about an hour. But I tried not to let it ruin my evening as well. So I choose to proceed on with the plans for the night.

My good friend Maggie had a birthday this weekend too. Two of our close friends took us out to dinner on Friday night. We went to this really yummy place called Jazz. It was wonderful cajun food, complete with live music and the best dessert ever. We had a blast. Maggie and I each got presents.

We got Maggie an Edible Arrangement. She had been talking earlier in the week at work that she always asked for one and never got one for her birthday. Hope that you enjoyed it Maggie!!!

For me, the girls got me

a gift certificate for my favorite nail salon. I used to get my nails done faithfully every two weeks. But I got to a point where I decided to save that money. I have missed Ming (the nail tech) and I am so excited to go see her. Plus it will be a very relaxing treat during finals time. Thanks girls!!!

Here is all of us at Jazz

It was a little fuzzy. Our waitress wasn't real sure how to operate the camera. So we took another outside.

These three did a fantastic job brightening my horrible day!!!

Saturday was Maggie's official 21st birthday. So we definately had to go out and celebrate for her too. We went to Chili's (the place we always go)

Maggie's first legally purchased drink and yes she is wearing a tiara :)

Since it was our joint birthday dinners. We also got free desserts. YUMMY

At this lunch was Katy (Maggie's roommate and a gal I used to work with at the F&B), Maggie and I.

So, despite the car troubles, the birthday weekend turned out to be pretty great. When I wasn't out eating with friends, I was at the house studying away. I have three finals this week. Tuesday - Tax; Thursday - Secured Transactions and Friday - Employment Law. Then two finals the following week, then home for my last summer as a legal assistant.

I apologize in advance if I slack some on my blogging in the next two weeks. Law school finals is a rough time of year. I will take some breaks from the books and hope to fit in some blogging too. But I promise, I'll be back in full force in two weeks!!! We have lots planned for the summer.

Hope your weekend was great!

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  1. Glad you ended your birthday on a good point! Kody had to work late and couldn't make my bday dinner celebration last year at Gaston's. I was so mad and upset and cried for a good 30 minutes, but then thought...this is MY day and only comes around oncea year, buck up! ;) I had a good one too.

    Good luck on your finals. We understand you're busy but will be back soon! GOOD LUCK!!