Monday, February 14, 2011

People shouldn't lie just because it is Valentine's Day

I have never been a fan of Valentine's Day. I think the concept of the holiday is really stupid. I hate that people think they need a holiday to declare their love to each other. Chris and I choose in the beginning of our relationship to not celebrate it because we celebrate being in love every day. And we are very open about our feelings about each other. We don't need a day to tell us that we should share our feelings. I also don't want presents on the same day that everyone else does and get the exact same presents. I love getting flowers just because Chris was thinking about me. Chris will often bring things back from the store just because something caught his eye and made him think of me. He does sweet things for me all the time. I appreciate how he puts thoughts into my birthday and our anniversary or just special dates that we have. We have been together over 7 years and there isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't make me feel special in some way or another.

Anyways, I also hate how people are fake about it. I hate seeing people profess their love all over Facebook. Many people I saw today are doing it just for show. I can name people who professed love to significant others who are abusive to them, both physically and emotionally. Some people had just recently talked to me about getting a divorce. Not too long ago telling me that there was no marriage there and they weren't in love. And as honest as a person that I am, it is soooooo hard for me not to post on their status about how it is a sham. You were wanting to get divorced not celebrate many more "happy" years to come.

Although I do not think the holiday is anything special, I don't try to rain on anyone's parade. I just get annoyed when people continuously ask me what Chris and I did to celebrate or what he got me. It get's worse when they tell me I am stupid for not celebrating. Um, hello. Do not tell me that my reasons are stupid. I didn't tell you that you were stupid for celebrating it. I just said that we didn't. I know that I am in love (I don't need that reminder) but I still just choose not to celebrate a holiday.

For those of you who celebrated, I hope that you had a great day and sorry if I offended you (that wasn't my intention). I just wanted to share some honest feelings.

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  1. OMG. I posted something very similar (though not quite as eloquent) on Friday. I don't understand why couples shouldn't be sweet to each other every day.