Monday, February 7, 2011

Hey Guess What - More Snow

Apparently Mother Nature has not forgiven me for whatever I did to make her mad. I will never understand. But here is my weekend.

Friday, I watched the weather. There was only a calling for a dusting of snow Friday night, so I decided to venture home. I took my friends Maggie and Sara with me. We were going to head to Springfield Saturday to pick up my wedding dress. We hit the road around 1 p.m. It was a decend drive. MoDot had cleaned the highways pretty well after the blizzard. Then it started snowing on us when we were about 20 miles from my mother's house. Then it continued snowing all evening and overnight. The little dusting forcast turned out to be like 4-5 inches. Needless to say I wasn't very happy. Because my appointment to pick up my dress was in the morning, we decided to forego the trip, not knowing what all the roads would be like. Turned out the temps were like 40 on Saturday and we would have been fine, but oh well. Guess it will be another time to go to Springfield.

The snow was really pretty in the Country though. I had to snap a few pictures outside my parents house. One more reason why the country is so amazing and I cannot wait to get back there.

So instead, we spent Saturday running errands and doing a little shopping. It was a pretty enjoyable day even though it wasn't what I wanted. Saturday night, we went to dinner at Colton's (a steakhouse that Chris and I love). Then we headed back to the house to watch The Social Network. Very interesting movie.

We got up and around pretty early on Sunday not sure what the weather was going to do. We spent some time with my family and puppies before we left. We wore Dozer out.

We left town around noon. When we got to Columbia, we got supplies for our Superbowl get together. I will admit that I enjoy Glee way better than the game, but hey, I didn't have a huge connection to either team. I was rooting for the packers. I was extremely disappointed with the commercials, but whatever.

I'm off to pay some bills, read and watch the Bachelor. Have a great week.

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