Saturday, February 19, 2011

Happy Birthday Boots!!!

Well today is Boot's first birthday. Well, in all honestly, I have no idea when his birthday is since he was dumped off at the house. But, like Dozer, I picked him a birthday so we could celebrate. I wish that I was there to celebrate with my little buddy.

I will never forget the day that we got Boots. It was over the summer and like all evenings over the summer, Chris, Dozer and I were outside. I was watering the garden and Chris was working on the driveway. There was a truck that stopped in front of our house, apparently pushed the pup out, and sped off down the road. Boot went running up the driveway and ran right to Chris. Dump offs happen regularly so we knew what had happened. We took him in gave him some food and a bath. He slept most of the evening. Poor little guy was starving and exhausted. 

Boots, you a a spoiled puppy and a true daddy's boy. Daddy buys you food when he goes through the drive through. Daddy gives you everything you want. He makes sure that you have a light on when he leaves. He leaves you a window open. And even a few times, he has left you the TV on. You love being outside and have ruined our yard and Ma and Pa's yard digging holes. You love playing with your siblings, but aren't afraid to show Dozer who is boss every once in a while. You are a hunter by nature so we have to chain you up most of the time to go outside. Occasionally, you have gotten lose to chase cars, cows and horses. You are stubborn as they come. You get in trouble all the time, but go right back to doing the same thing. You are protective of things important to you. You stick up for Dozer when he got attacked by another dog. You love Sadie and never let anyone else near her. You know something is different about her and you feel it is your duty to protect her. You love doggie cookies. You think you need one every time someone walks into the kitchen. You also love chews. You hide them in the couch cushions, in the ground outside, and behind just about anything you can find. You sleep curled up with daddy which probably won't set well to me when I move in. Although you are the most annoying dog in the car with your howling and eat everything in sight from firewood to hats to shirts to paint rollers to the coffee table and everything in between, mommy and daddy love you and are happy you got dropped off at our house.

Happy birthday boy!

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  1. Hope Boots had a great birthday! I gave you a blog award on my page!:)