Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Confession: I'm a terrible blogger

Last week was crazy busy and I didn't get a chance to update on very much. But I will also warn you that you won't be getting much our of me for the next 15 days either. Finals are about to start and in law school that means you have no life but the books. It's actually a terrible way of life, but hey, this is my second to last set of them, so I think I will survive.

Well, Thanksgiving came and went. It was a busy day. I was up at 5 starting to prep food. On Thanksgiving day, Chris and I were at my mom's house which means I do a lot of the work. We got several things ready to go on Wednesday night but there are just some things that have to wait until Thursday morning. My brother showed up around 10:00 to start helping out. The bulk of our company didn't arrive until noon. We ate around 1. It was a good dinner. Our crowd this year was smaller than normal. Only about 17 people this year. Chris and I left around 5:00 to head out to his aunt's house to visit with his family some too.

Friday was a pretty slow day. My mom and I didn't get around too early. We aren't really black friday shoppers. I prefer to shop with less people around. We did do a little shopping. Most of the good deals on the things that I bought were still around when we were in town. Our secret santa shopping is done for my family christmas. Most of Chris's familt is done too. We got back around early afternoon. I spent time with the pups and relaxed before our night of babysitting.

Chris's brother and sister in law had asked us earlier in the week to babysit on Friday night. I agreed. I love those kiddos. They had a lot of fun at our house. We made homemade pizza and peanut butter cookies. We also played Chutes and Ladders, colored and rode the rocking horse. The girls passed our early. We learned even more that our pups are going to be great with kids. Boots took up with Sadie in the floor and Dozer stayed on the couch with Megyn watching over her. It was so precious that I had to take a few photos.

We were very proud of our pups. Although we were up later than we usually are, we still had a good time with the kids.

Chris and I spent the day together on Saturday. We had originally planned to go to Mountain Home to do some shopping for the house, but we got around later due to the late night Friday and opted to just stay in town. We are on the look for a new back door. We are also still finishing a few projects around the house. We also did a little antiquing. We ended up buying a new (well, not really new, but new to us) kitchen table. It is huge and came with an additional leave. We got the table, leaf and 6 chairs for $250. And it solid wood and looks fantastic in our kitchen. I love it. It was really nice just to spend the day with Christopher before leaving on Sunday.

Did I mention that we have the cutest dogs? Here are a couple other pictures that I took of the boys while I was home during break.

I think Dozer didn't want me to leave. But it's okay little buddy. I'll be home in 15 days. :)

I got back into Columbia around 5:30 Sunday night. Got right back into the books. Its buckle down time now. One class is officially over now. We had our last class last night and there is no final. So one down, and four to go. Can't wait to be home again.

Hope you all have a good couple of weeks. I apologize in advance for my lack of blogging in the next 15 days.

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  1. Good luck with finals! You amaze me at what an early riser you are!!