Thursday, November 18, 2010

T minus two classes and counting

This week has been super stressful and been a rollar coaster of emotions. I have done really good not to post the drama filled post I created on Monday. Short part of the story - I got really pissed off at work on Monday (and saying really pissed off is an understandment to how I feel). I am to the point that even though I have worked there for 4 years, I am about to quit. I will make my final decision next week on what to do but if I decide to find something new, I will be doing that after Christmas break. I doubt anyone would want to hire me now and then me leave for a month.

So needless to say, having next week at home in Howell County could not come at a better time. I've been counting down the hours. I have one more class today at noon (it is just watching a group presentation, so pretty laid back) and a class in the morning. So, nothing too hectic. Then tomorrow around noon I will be on the road.

I have started packing. I always take way too many clothes home. My dad jokes about how I look like I am moving in for a month when I come down for the weekend. But hey, its Missouri, the weather is likely to change and often I do not know what is going on or where I will have to go. For larger breaks, I have to pack work clothes, casual clothes and this week, work on the house clothes. So, for now, I have piles of clothes in my room, piles of other stuff to take in my spare room and lists of things not to forget.

But it will likely be a late night and early morning for me. Tonight, right after work, there will be a bbq at my house for Claudia's birthday. Claudia is one of the gals that I work with. She was gone to an extra credit class on her birthday, so we are going to make it up to her tonight. We are having steaks, baked potatoes, salad and bread. It has me hitching for 6:00 pm to get home and start cooking. Then Greys will be on tonight too, which always successfully distracts me from packing. Lukcy for me, I am an early riser and I always tend to wake up even earlier when I know I get to go home.

Thanksgiving break should be a busy one for us. We have 3 dinners to attend, one of which I will be doing most of the cooking. I have a dentist appointment on Monday. I will be working down there Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. (Geez, how I have missed my job). Chris and I also plan to be working some more on the house. We were talking about trying to finish us another spare room just in case we have company at our house during the Christmas season. I haven't decided yet if I am black Friday shopping. Probably depends on what we could get done on the house that day.

I'll try to be good about posting pictures of the week. Right now I am just so excited to see Christopher and my puppies!!!!

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