Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Busy Weekend/Week = Not a lot of blogging

The weekend was super busy and this week has started off the same way. It's hard to believe that I am already 4 days into my school break.

I got into town Friday around 3:30 p.m. I unpacked the car before Chris got off work and napped a little with the puppies. I got very little sleep Thursday night. My mom was off helping my brother get moved into his new house. I made dinner for my dad. Mom picked up dinner for Chris and I on her way home. After dinner, Chris and I headed up to our house. We just watched a little TV and talked. I turned in early.

Saturday was a busy but productive day. Chris had to work all day. I surprised him by sneaking his dad up to help me lay floor in one of our spare bedrooms. It looks so nice. My grandma came up to have lunch with us and stayed to visit well into the afternoon. My mom came by when she got done at my brother's. Chris got home around 4. He liked the floor and was glad that he didn't have to do it. We rushed around to get cleaned up and headed to his aunt's house. Chris's mom was in town and we were having Thanksgiving dinner with her since she couldn't be with us on Thursday. It was nice to see everyone. Plus, the food is always great. We visitied with everyone for a while, then headed back to the house to check on the puppies.

Sunday morning I was by myself again. Chris was out in the woods looking for us a deer. He had no luck :( I was really craving some deer jerky, so needless to say I was pretty disappointed. Then he went out to see his mom again before she left town. I was at the house painting trim and getting things picked up in the living room. I got a couple coats on before I took a lunch break, then relaxed for a bit with the puppies til Chris came home. We then together worked some more on our living room. Working at the house by myself with the pups was a handful. Boots stole my paint stick no less than 5 times. There was paint all over the family room floor. Both pups have at least a little paint on their bodies and Boots even has paint all over his nails. It was a mess. After the busy day, we just got takeout for dinner. We ate with my parents. I showed Chris where I was to honeymoon. I am pretty sure that we have made a decision on that. I look to be booking it this week.

Monday I was back in the office down here. I appreciate my job here more and more every time I am away from it. I just keep reminding myself - less than a year til I am back here for good. I love the girls here and the work environment is so much better. Work here this week makes me happier and much more relaxed before heading back to Columbia for the last few weeks of class and finals. (Gross, I know - but only two more finals times)

I was in Court yesterday morning. We had a successful case. Very happy. The Judge made a ruling from the bench in our favor. I was surprised that he made a ruling so fast. He was very angry about the other party not obeying his orders and actaully had her arrested until she could comply. It was really awesome. I went to the dentist after Court. Then home to hang out with the puppies.

So far today I have been pretty busy. There is Willow Springs City Court this afternoon which is usually pretty entertaining. I'm not sure that I am going as there are plently of things to do at the office. Better get back to it. If I happen not to be back on until after Thursday, hope you all have a great Thanksgiving!!!

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  1. Where are you going to honeymoon?! And I bought the stuff yesterday for puppy chow...I believe it was you that gave me the recipe back in middle school!!! I still have it!