Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break

Spring Break officially ended this morning with the return to work in Columbia and going back to law school. Ah, wasn't ready for that. But the week at home was wonderful but rather busy. Here is a brief overview of the week at home.

I got home Friday, March 25th. It was my parent's anniversary. Chris and I had dinner with my parents. Their celebration wasn't happened til Saturday. We just sat around to visit after dinner. I also made 4 dozen cookies for the family get together on Saturday.

Saturday, March 26th. I got up early and made 7 pounds of potato salad for the family dinner. I then spent some time shopping with  my mom. I had lunch with my sister, brother and grandma. Chris bought my first birthday present of the year. He bought me a lovely new pair of cowgirl boots. I love them a bunch and I'm pretty sure that they will be what I wear during our wedding reception (there is no way that I will make it that long in 3 1/2 inch heels). We headed out to the party around 4. It was a joint engagement party for two of Chris's cousins. Here are a couple of pictures from the event.
 This is Chris's mom with her two daughters in law 

 Chris's cousin Shay with his fiancĂ© Hannah

Chris's cousin Matt with his fiancĂ© Tonya 

It was a fun night and I always enjoy spending time with the family. There were people there that I hadn't seen in a couple of months.

Sunday, March 27th. I spent the day working around the house. I did some cleaning, laundry and even bathed the puppies. Chris was outside working the whole day. I made a pot chili for dinner since it was still chilly outside. Getting really tired of the cold weather.

Monday, March 28th. I headed into work at SP's office. I love going into work and have things on my desk to work on. I feel appreciated and I know that I am doing what I love. SP and I worked out the details of my employment as an attorney. I cannot wait. Just a few months left. Chris and I did grocery shopping and picked up dinner.

Tuesday, March 29th. I ran a few wedding errands during the morning and then had lunch with my mom and sister. Chris and I headed to Springfield for our engagement pictures. I know I posted them, but I will share with you just a few of my favorites. I am so in love with our pictures. David Coleman of D Coleman Photography took them. I am so pleased and cannot wait to see what he does for the wedding.

Wednesday, March 30th. It was a typical day at work for both Chris and I. After work, we went out to dinner with Shay and Hannah (see above) and then Hannah's son, Mason came along. Here is a picture of me with Mason from the engagement party.

He is a precious baby and it is such a joy to spend time with kids. Chris and I aren't having kids for a while, but we love spending time with kids.

Thursday, March 31st. My office threw me my first birthday of the year. Despite the fact that my birthday is still a month away, I am always away at school studying for finals during my birthday, so they plan my birthday parties early. We had lunch at Hillbilly Junction (great place, except this time they didn't have real mashed potatoes). Got my birthday fudge from there and Jeannett made me a jello cake (yummy). Thursday afternoon, Jeannett came by after work to help make some cry packs for the wedding. I feel blessed to have a wonderful bridal party that volunteers to help and I don't have to harass them to do anything for me. We also had a new pup show up at the house. Boots didn't like her so she ended up at my mom's. Here she is, her name is Molly.

Friday, April 1st. Last day of work was a little slow. SP was gone as well as another gal in the office. I always hate leaving there. Friday night we had dinner with my parents one last time.

Saturday, April 2nd. Chris had wood to cut to get ready to put up new fence. I ran a few errands with my mom. We then met Chris's mom for lunch. Those two wonderful ladies are planning me a graduation party. We then went out to the house of my alterations lady. She is making my mom and Cheryl dresses for the wedding. And then I had to put on my dress to see what needed to be done to it. Cheryl got all teary eyed. It was the first time Cheryl saw it. I love my dress and seeing everyone's reaction to it makes me know I picked the perfect one. I cannot wait to see the look on Chris's face when he sees it. Saturday night we had a birthday party for Chris's nephew Caden. It is hard to believe that Caden is 8. Sheesh, I'm starting to feel old.

Sunday, April 3rd. I got my stuff all packed early (before my entire family got up). I woke up Chris and we spent some time together before I had to leave. It was so nice outside and we let the boys play outside quite a bit. Turned out to be 85-90 degrees. It was amazing. But then today it was cold again. Not cool, mother nature!

Well, that was Spring Break in a nut shell. It was a busy week, but I love my life down there. The past four months cannot go by fast enough.

Today was a pretty crappy day, but that is for another post. Hope that this week goes well for all of you!

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