Sunday, April 10, 2011

Friday Night - George and Reba

Friday was a busy, busy day. I went to class and then grabbed a protein smoothie for lunch and headed to work. My mom got into town around 3:30 and I took off a few hours early. We got ready to head out to the concert. Sara showed up just after 4. Rumor was that parking would be a nightmare and they were expecting record number of guests to Mizzou Arena. We grabbed a quick dinner at Arby's (it is my mom's favorite and we don't have one back home).

The concert was amazing. LeAnn Womack opened the show. She sounded amazing live. She performed for about 30 minutes which was longer than I expected. Reba was my favorite though. She is a great performer. She played for about an hour and a half. Melissa Peterman (Barbara Jean from the Reba show) even came out to do a little act. LeAnn Womack came out to sing "Does He Love You". Her encore song was "Fancy" where she came out in a cab and a sparkly red dress. George sang great and had a great variety of music from old to current. The only let down is that it was a little on the boring side. The concert was a square and he went from corner to corner singing 2 songs at each. Guess I just wanted more. Anyway, here are some shots from the night.

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