Friday, January 6, 2012


As I sit in my office during lunch break, I realized that I hadn't been so good at updating my blog. Christmas came and went as usual. We had 6 separate family Christmas celebrations and we each had a work party as well. Talk about a hectic few days. I made 6 dozen cookies in one day in addition to the many other items of food. We had good times with our families, but Chris and I agree that since the passing of our three grandfathers and my one grandmother, things just are not the same. I know the true reason for the season of Christmas and knowing that keeps in the holiday spirit most of the time. I do have a feeling though that all around holiday cheer will not return until we have kids. We just go through the motions now and enjoy the time with family.

My work closes the week between Christmas and New Years. It is a great opportunity for me to get done the extras that I need to. This year included numerous trips to the vet with three different animals and errands. I didn't get as much deep cleaning done as I wanted to, but spending time with my family was so worth it.

New Years Eve for us was low key. We aren't really drinkers or partiers. Plus we attend an early sesson of church (8 am). We went to the home of Chris's cousin Jackie and her husband. A few other cousins showed up. We ate and visited for hours. It was a great night. We hadn't planned to stay out til midnight, but time got away from us. We shared our midnight kisses and headed home. Things like that make me jealous of Chris. He grew up with numerous cousins around his age. There are always people to hang out with and everyone gets along. I am enjoying those relationships now.

Looking back on 2011 makes my head hurt. I cannot even believe all that we went through and survived without killing each other. Between graduation, studying for the bar, getting married and beginning practice, 2011 was the biggest year of my life. I often wonder how I did it all (and I worked all during that time) and maintained Dean's list status, had a beautiful and stress free wedding, and actually passed the bar. I owe Chris a lot of credit. He has always been wonderfully supportive to my dreams and goals in life.

This week has been hectic with the week off. I feel like I am finally to the point of being caught up, with work. Home could still use little work. I do not dust nearly as often as a should. But with Chris's job, 2 dogs and living on a dirt road, I could dust every day and it wouldn't be often enough. No big resolutions or changes in the Upton house for 2012. We have started doing daily devotions. We do a couple's one called "Love Dare" which seems wonderful so far. Then we each have a separate individual devotion. Although it is only day 6, we have not missed a day yet. I think it is good for us.

As the phone continues to ring during my lunch, I suppose that is a sign I need to get off the internet and get back to the papers on my desk. Hope 2012 has started wonderfully for all of you!

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  1. Enjoyed your update! I agree about the dust, dogs, and road!