Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Please vote for a friend

Dear Readers:

If you could spare a second during the hustle and bustle of the holidays I would appreciate it. I have a friend who has been nominated by a group of gals in a Well Deserving Contest. Amy has been through so much this year. Here is the story of her submission:

• After the harsh realization that Amy’s future husband was not worthy of her love and admiration, she dug down deep to make the tough decision to move on with her life. She knew it wouldn’t be easy to cancel her wedding plans and move out, but she knew she had to do what was best for her and her two young sons. Amy knew it was important that her sons see her strength and courage. It was also important that she only allow good role models into their lives. It was vital that they learned to never settle for less than they deserve. It has been a struggle for her to keep her spirits up. Sometimes Amy thinks of slipping back into that old rut, but she knows her sons deserve better. She deserves better. She’s a wonderful woman, a loving mother, and a hard working individual. I can’t think of anyone else who could use a boost of confidence more than Amy. Every woman wants to feel pretty. But for a woman overcoming a difficult break up, it is even more important. I think the gift of fashionable clothing will help remind Amy White Ivey that she is beautiful both inside and out. And for this amazing mom, that’s a reminder she needs.

If you have a second, please go here, and vote for Amy.


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