Thursday, January 12, 2012

This and That

Nothing new or major to report, but a few developments.

~ We had a busy weekend like usual. I ran errands with my mother and sister Saturday and handled grocery shopping and cleaning the house. Saturday night we hosted a birthday party/dinner for Chris's dad. The nice and warmer weather has afforded us the opportunity to grill during the month of January. We had a nice visit. Sunday morning was church as usual. We are discussing family values and it is pretty interesting. Next Sunday starts with Chris's favorite verse about wives submitting themselves to their husbands who are the head of the house (he always forgets to read past that verse to find out what it says about husbands). Then we got home to do fence work. Chris is always wonderful about helping around the house so I headed outside to help him. Since the cows are gone, we are tearing down some old/rusty/torn barbed wire to make new cross fences in the field. We got several fences taken down, but the harder part is putting new stuff back up. We have gotten into the habit of having Sunday night dinners with my parents and that seems to be working well. Sunday was another day for a cookout.

~ My sister has made the official decision to move. She has lived in our home town her entire 26 years of existence and I cannot even imagine the fact that she will actually be gone. At the first of the year, her husband was transferred to Lincoln, NE for work. She decided to wait until the end of the school year so her oldest child didn't have to transfer mid year. This decision is heart breaking for myself and the rest of my family. We love Stacie and her three little boys tremendously. I will not give my opinion on her husband, but let's say I wouldn't support her to move down the street to be with him. That is a whole different issue though. I have been trying to spend as much time with Stac and the boys as I can because I know in a few short months they will be over 8 hours away from me.

~ We finally have some snow. It isn't a lot of snow, but it was enough to make my drive to Court this morning unpleasent. At our house this morning, it was fluffy snow, but when I got to work, the parking lot was like ice and I slid into the parking space. The highways were a mess and parts not cleared at all. I heard from other attorneys that even part of the Interstate 44 was closed. It has continued to spit snow all afternoon but no accumulation other than a light dusting.

~ We are loving our couple's devotion book. In November, we bought this book:

We bought the 365 day version (which I guess this year we are shorted a day). We have a Bible verse and reading daily and then we are assigned weekly dares to better our marriage. I cheated and read ahead on some of the dares just to see what it coming. Some are actions to do, some are areas to talk about, etc. A few of them we have already done or they are things already implemented into our household. It is a fun experience anyway. We are loving it! We typically do our devotions immediately after dinner. We always have dinner together and always eat in the kitchen and not in front of the TV. It is a good tradition we started and frankly dinner time/devotion time and talking with my hubby is my favorite part of the day.

~ Our pups are turning two shortly. Dozer will in just a few weeks and Boots will in about a month. Where did the time go?

~ Since it is a typical question I get asked on a daily basis, married life is great. We are loving every minute of it. I do feel like I have been married for far longer than I really have, but maybe part of that is that Chris and I were together so long before getting married and the only thing that changed is actually moving in together. Everything just seems to work so it is a stressfree life most of the time.

~ We are starting to do some car shopping for me. I currently drive a 2 door Grand Am. Its been a good car (I've had it since 2005 - all through college and law school), but I need more room. We are looking into SUVs now. We are mindful that whatever we decide to buy now will be what we have when we start a family (still a couple of years out, or that's the plan anyway) so we want to buy something with babies in mind. I did over my break test drive a couple of vehicles, but we still aren't entirely sure what we want. We know we want something with either 4-wheel or all-wheel drive and at least a 6 cylinder, but other than that we aren't too picky. I don't need a lot of crazy features though I would like bluetooth connectivity to my cell phone. Do you have an SUV that you love and would recommend?

I think that it is for updates today. Work is just about over and I will head home to a crock pot of roast (cannot wait). Hope you all are having a wonderful day!


  1. I want to do the devotion you're talking about! :) Also, I love my Yukon. Only would trade it for a newer one with less miles! ;) Ha! But what I think I 'have' to have is...heated seats, radio remotes on steering wheel, love XM radio...I love GM vehicles, but with OnStar they want you to pay for their phone service so that sucks.

  2. If your nephews are still in car seats, test drive the car, go over to your sister's, and put them in it - a car seems really big, but check to make sure the seats fit!!

    We did that with my car cause we're probably going to keep it for quite awhile. :)