Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Recap

The weekend was wonderful. Class on Friday lasted a little longer than I had anticipated, but it all worked out. I got on the road about 12:45 and headed to Versailles. I had to pick up Chris's grandma from his mom's house. Granny had been staying with Cheryl after her surgery, but granny was ready to get home. It took my trip home from 3 hours to 5 hours, but it wasn't bad at all. And I was glad to help out the family. It saved someone else from driving all the way up to get granny. We had a nice chat and it passed the time of the drive quickly.

I got in town Friday night just in time to see a t-ball game. It was the only weekend that I would be home during t-ball season. Three of my nephews played on the same team and it was great to see them all. The boys had a blast and it is always great to watch.

I came home to have dinner with Christopher and my parents. We then spent the rest of the evening looking at wedding stuff and picking out photos for our picture slideshow. It is crazy to believe that we have 8 years of photos. The childhood pictures were my favorite though.

Saturday morning, I was up early for my morning exercise. Dozer and I went for a walk in the field and down to the pond. It was so peaceful and despite that Dozer doesn't converse with me, it was nice to have some company on the walk. Mom and I spent the entire day running errands. It was very productive. I picked tuxes for the wedding, did a little clothes shopping, met with our videographer, had my sister's birthday lunch and did some furniture shopping. I had looked at furniture at Ashley Furniture Homestore, but that store made me angry. They acted like it was an inconvenience to measure pieces for me. Then they told me that the don't offer discounts for large purchases. They claimed to be the cheapest place around, so they couldn't offer any more discounts. Well, one of our local stores in town carries some Ashley pieces. Chris and I would prefer to do our business locally and I am so glad that I went in there. First off, the local store (Brown's) could sell me the living room set cheaper than Ashely Homestore. Then they offer a 6% discount for picking up the furniture instead of using delivery, which is a plus for us. Then they offer discounts of 3% for over $2,000 and then 5% for over 5,000. We are looking for new living room and master bedroom furniture. So, from what I picked out, we are cheaper than Ashley with a higher quality master bedroom set (solid oak) for way cheaper than Ashley and with a 9% discount. Chris approved everything that I picked out and I think we are making a purchase this week.

 Bedroom stuff


Except all our living room will be this color 

I am pretty excited. I hope that some of it is in before I come home next on the 4th of July. I am just so ready for our house to be all set up and finished. Too bad that won't happen til the end of July when I move all my furniture from Columbia to Pomona. Saturday night was date night for us and it was wonderful. We went out to eat, took a visit to his aunt's house and then headed home to relax with our pups. Life is pretty good for us.

Today was a pretty busy day. Chris and I moved from furniture around at the house to make sure spare bedrooms were set up and moved the furniture from our master bedroom downstairs so I could have our master carpet cleaned and the walls painted before moving in new furniture. Chris's dad came to visit for a few and then my sister and two of her boys came to see me as well. I feel so blessed for the family that we have. I couldn't ask for more. Now, I am back in Columbia for 3 weeks. 4th weekend will be my last visit home before the move. I cannot believe that we are this close.

Well, it is about time for bed. I hope that you all have a fantastic week!

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