Sunday, June 5, 2011

Alphabet of Me - taking a much needed break

I needed a break from wedding planning and studying for the bar so I decided to get on here. I saw that Tyler at Rants, Raves, Ridiculous posted this fun little thing, so I thought that I would play along.

Ambition: Be a good attorney, wife and mother
Bad Habit: Not filtering my mouth
City: I claim two homes currently, Columbia and Pomona - both in Missouri
Drink: Minute Maid Juice
Education: B.A. and J.D.
Food: I love me some fried chicken and mashed potatoes
Guilty Pleasure: Tacky TV shows
Hometown: Born and raised in West Plains
Ice Cream: Chris and I love to share twist from Dairy Queen
Jonesing for: August 1st
Kryptonite: my 28 acre farm - love that place
Look-a-like: no one really
Movie: A Time to Kill is my favorite
Nickname: Linnie and Lynz
Obsession: currently anything wedding :)
Perfume: if I remember to put come on, it is usually my Mary Kay Bella one
Quirk: I have so many, I could not even being to start listing them
Regret: None, I am one of those people who believe all things happen for a reason, I have learned from all my mistakes
Starbucks: I just drink their hot chocolate and caramel apple spice - I don't do coffee
Thrift Find of the Year: Still looking for it!!
University: University of Missouri - Columbia M-I-Z-Z-O-U
Vacation: In September on the honeymoon
Wine: Nah
X: now this one is just impossible...
Years: 24

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  1. I'm jealous of a honeymoon. I need a honeymoon by myself.