Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap

Well, the holiday gave me a 4 day weekend at home in Howell County. It was a great weekend too and the fact that I had only been in Columbia for 5 days made it even better. Now, I am stuck here for two weeks.

I had Bar Prep class til 3:30 on Friday which left me leaving town a little later than usual. When I got in town, dinner had already started. Mom planned a little birthday party for my nephew Brody. He turned 3 on Sunday. It is hard to believe. We had homemade tacos and ice cream sundaes - great birthday!

Brody has really taken up with Chris. Brody thinks they are best buddies and it is adorable to see them together. Makes me really excited about starting a family with Chris some day (way in future). Kolton and Brody ended up staying at the house Friday night, sleeping in my bedroom floor. They played for a bit, jumping from my bed to theirs and Chris and I sat in the bed and read them bedtime stories (my mom loved this and thought it was so cute. She is so ready for us to have kiddos too).

I was up early on Saturday. Brody got up with me. We watched some TV and drank chocolate milk. He went with me to wake Chris up and check on the cows. I spent the day running errands and shopping with my mom. We took flowers to her parents and sister's graves. I go with her every year and every year, it is still hard. I just wish that they were here to share in these special moments with me. We had steaks with my parents for dinner. Chris and I then headed to town to visit with his aunt and uncle.

Sunday and Monday were productive days for me at the house. I spent the majority of each days painting, cleaning and doing laundry. Chris hates painting so he spend the days outside building fence, mowing the yard and cutting trees. I didn't get the bathroom all set up yet. I don't really trust Chris with a beige and white shower curtain when I am not there. It would end up with grease and oil all over it. Only room left to paint is the master bedroom and it will be a pain in the butt. Honestly, I have thought about paying to have it done.

I left town today around noon. Tomorrow I have to go back to bar prep class. Luckily this week classes are only til 12:30. My thoughts will be distracted tomorrow though. Chris's mom is having a hysterectomy tomorrow morning. The docs found a tumor on her ovaries about a week ago. We were blessed to find out that the tumor was not cancer, but due to the fact that she has had cancer before, the doctors decided to do the full surgery instead of just removing the tumor. If you are the praying kind, please be thinking of her tomorrow.

Time to finish my grocery list for tomorrow and get in bed. Hope that you all had a great weekend too!

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