Thursday, September 8, 2011


So I realize that I am a terrible blogger. Life has been so literally crazy that I am lucky most days if I get 5 hours of sleep and 2 meals.
So, what has been going on in Lynsie’s life? In case you want to know, I will share.

~ I moved home on July 29th. I am staying (mainly just sleeping) at my parents’ house until the wedding. All other times I am at Chris and I’s house. We are still trying to get things set up, but it will continue to be a work in progress as we update and decorate rooms in the house. And there are still boxes and boxes of stuff in the basement at my parents’ house that I have collected over the years for the house that need to be sorted. Then on top of that, wedding presents are coming in. We just have a lot of stuff to put away and not a whole lot of room to put it. We have one of our spare rooms just covered with stuff ready to sell. Hopefully after the wedding, my family and I will have a yard sale.

~ Despite the stress of an incomplete house, I absolutely love being home and especially knowing that I do not have to go back to Columbia. I love seeing and playing with my puppies every day. I love having dinner with Chris every night (seriously, it is my favorite part of every day). I love being able to see my parents daily. I love seeing all the rest of my family. I love our farm and have enjoyed being able to sit on the porch and just take in the beauty of the country.

~ The wedding is in 16 days. Wedding prep also takes up a great deal of time. I am finishing up detail work and presents for the bridal party. I’m trying to remain calm, but it is hard. I have lists for just about everything imaginable. I am also getting extremely excited. I see all the pieces coming together and my vision from the past few years is coming to life. I promise that I will work on getting some pictures up of my projects and from my latest shower. We have another session of pre-marital counseling tonight. I have actually enjoyed it and am excited about going tonight. Brother Spencer is great and so easy for us to talk to.

~ Work has been super busy too. I am still waiting for bar exam results (the 13th is judgment day). I have been doing plenty of research, drafting pleadings and even conducted a few hearings under my previous Rule 13 certification. I am anxious to get the results back and continue on in my legal career. The waiting is killing me. At least the wedding stuff is keeping me occupied.

~ My wonderful Maid of Honor, Maggie, will be in town next Friday. I seriously cannot believe that I only have one week left of work before I take off for the wedding. Next weekend is my bachelorette party weekend getaway and I am so excited. I need some time away with my girls. We are heading to Branson for some shopping and fun activities. I think that I am most excited about our dinner – it is a murder mystery.

~ I am currently looking into activities for our honeymoon. To be honest, I am actually really happy that we aren’t leaving for our honeymoon the day after the wedding. It will give us some time to relax at home and deal with post-wedding things before we head out. Plus, I won’t be stressing out about packing while dealing with last minute wedding things. Chris and I are talking about loading up the motorcycle to take with us to Tennessee. I think it will be beautiful over there to ride through the mountains. We will be watching the weather. Chris’s surprise for the honeymoon has officially been booked. You may remember that we are staying in a cabin in Pigeon Forge Tennessee for the trip. Chris thinks we will be at the cabin from Saturday October 1 through Saturday October 8. In reality, we will be leaving our cabin on Friday and heading to Graceland. Chris has talked for years about going there to the Elvis museum. I have booked us a night in the Heartbreak Hotel with tickets to the museum. He is going to love it and I am so happy that I am able surprise him!

Well, that is it for updating today. Lunch is officially over and I need to get back at it. I promise that I will try to be a better blogger.

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  1. You are a busy woman! I remember that, but take it all in, it's over so fast! Your honeymoon will be fabulous and I love you're taking him to think you can hold the surprise in until you get to Memphis?